How to Configure a Verizon SMTP in Outlook?

If you have so many email accounts, it might become difficult to manage all the email work. So if you are an Outlook user, you can configure Verizon account with your Outlook account using the SMTP settings. This makes it easy to manage all your emails at one place and the procedure is also very simple. However, if you are a non-technical user, you can contact the technicians at the Verizon Email Support Number so that they can help you for the same.

It is important to set the correct SMTP settings to configure the Verizon account with Outlook. You have to make certain changes in the incoming and the outgoing mail server to do the configuration.

Setting up Verizon account with an Outlook email client is not very difficult to perform. However, if you need help to do the configuration of Verizon SMTP in Outlook you can contact us at the Verizon Customer Service Number or you can go through the steps explained below:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system and log into your account.
  2. Now, click on the ‘File’ tab and then select ‘Add Account’.
  3. To configure the settings, click on ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ and then click ‘Next’. After this, click ‘Next’ again.
  4. Then enter your name and your Verizon email address in the given space.
  5. Presently, type ‘’ into the Incoming Mail Server without utilizing citation and type ‘’ in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field.
  6. Now, in the given fields, enter your Verizon username and password.
  7. Click on the ‘More settings’ option and then click on the ‘Outgoing Servers’ tab.
  8. Snap to put a check mark in the container offered beside ‘My active server (SMTP) requires validation’
  9. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and enter ‘995’ into the Incoming Server (POP3) field. In the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field.
  10. Click on ‘Ok’ and then click ‘Next’ and after that ‘Finish’.

These are some of the important steps to be followed to configure a Verizon SMTP in Outlook. In case you have any sort of confusion in your mind, call the tech experts to clear all the doubts you have regarding your Verizon account. Moreover, if you have encountered any other issues while operating Verizon account, you can give us a call at the Verizon Toll-Free Number. Our Verizon tech experts will get in touch with you as soon as you will contact us. Also, only the certified and well-trained technical executives will be provided who are completely proficient in resolving all the tech issues with Verizon.

Managing your social accounts has never been so difficult when you have access to a genuine and certified tech support team which includes experienced members only. Hence, we can assure you the ideal and appropriate solutions for all the issues you have with Verizon.

AOL Gold Support copy

How to Fix AOL Issues After Installing Windows 10?

While installing AOL desktop gold, users need to make sure that they are fulfilling certain requirements or have to perform routine system checks otherwise thi9s can lead to certain installation errors. Also, after updating to Windows 10, the users are frequently facing issues while downloading the software. This can happen when two programs installed in your system are not compatible with each other. To overcome this error, either you can call at the AOL Desktop Support Number 1-800-329-1530 directly or you can do it manually but that will require some sort of technical know-how.

To resolve the issues with AOL after updating to Windows 10, you can go through the given guide:

Before you are going to download the AOL Desktop Gold program, you need to make sure your system fulfills the certain requirements. If in case you are not able to meet these specifications, it might lead to technical errors while installing the software. Hence before installing the AOL software, make sure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Your system must have 1 GB RAM as well as a powerful internet connection.
  • The latest version of any good internet browser.
  • If your computer processor is of 266 MHz or higher.
  • The computer should have a screen resolution of 1024×768 or greater.

Even after meeting these requirements, if still, you are not able to install AOL Desktop Gold in Windows, call at the AOL Phone Number.

You can also follow these steps to go back to the previous software version to resolve this issue:

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and go to the settings of your system.
  2. Then select the ‘Update and Security’ setting option of your system.
  3. Click on that to get the recovery option and click on ‘go back to Windows 8.1’. After that click on the ‘Get Started’ option to move to the previous version of the operating system.

This is how you can move back to the older version of Windows and can install the AOL Desktop Gold easily. If anytime you encounter any issues while installing the software, dial the AOL Support Phone Number 1-800-329-1530 to talk to the technical executives. They can also help you regarding other issues with AOL Desktop Gold and we can assure you genuine and guaranteed solutions for all AOL issues.


How to Set Up iCloud Account on Your iPhone?

iCloud account allows you to enjoy more storage space on your iOS device. An iPhone already offers you a good range of extraordinary features and having an iCloud account on your iPhone is an added advantage. After creating the iCloud account, users can get their hands on a cloud computing system and store their data on the iCloud account. So in case you need any help regarding creating a new iCloud account, you can directly contact the iCloud Customer Service team.

To create an iCloud account, you can go through the steps given below:

  • Open the settings of your iPhone and press ‘Sign in to your iPhone’.
  • You will see a login page at the bottom of the page. Then look for the link ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’ and tap it.
  • After this, you will see a few options on your iPhone display and tap on ‘Create Apple ID’.
  • In the given section, you will be required to enter the date of birth and after entering press ‘Next’ button.
  • Next, enter your First Name and Last Name and then press the ‘Next’ button.
  • Then you will see an option saying ‘Get a free iCloud email address’ using which you will create a new ID. If you are not able to get the option, call at the iCloud Help Number for technical help.
  • Create the email ID and add a strong password to it and after you are done, press the ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter your phone number and click ‘Next’. Your phone number will be verified and you will receive a code for that purpose. Enter the code received and then tap on the ‘Next’ button.

This is how you can create a iCloud account for your iPhone device. Now you can access all the features of iCloud account on your iPhone device.

After creating your iCloud account, you can simply log in to the account using the given steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Press ‘Sign in to your iPhone’ option.
  • Enter the email address and the password you have created for your iCloud account.
  • Press ‘Sign in’.
  • If you have created a password for iPhone, enter it.

If you want to sign out of your iCloud account, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Tap your Apple ID for your iCloud account.
  • Now move to the bottom and press ‘Sign Out’.
  • Enter the password for your iCloud account.
  • Press ‘Turn Off’.
  • Select the data for which you want to keep a copy in your device.
  • Again press ‘Sign Out’.
  • Press again to confirm your action.

If you are facing any difficulty while synchronizing the data to your iCloud account then take the required help from our technicians. The iCloud professionals will completely guide you about how you can use it in a very efficient way. For this, you just have to dial the iCloud Support Number where our technicians are readily available to help the customers diagnose various iCloud issues.

HP Customer Support

How to Fix the Sound on an HP Pavilion Laptop?

HP is the name every tech-user must have heard of. HP stands for Hewlett Packard and it is one of the most renowned brands used on an international scale. The most selling HP product is its laptops. HP laptops are equipped with a wide range of impressive features.

But sometimes users face issue with the sound card, and this can keep you having the full benefits of your HP laptop device. If you are having the issue with your HP laptop, contact HP Support Number 1-800-329-1530, the issue will be resolved in no time.


Check that the sound of your laptop is turned on or not. Because sometimes the wrong selection of key can stop the laptop from producing sound. Also, access your audio device center and Turn on the speakers if turned off. After this make sure that the program, music or video you are playing has the sound turned on.

Step 2:

Make sure that the audio drivers are working in a proper manner. Now to GO to start menu>> Control Panel>> Administrative Tools >> Computer management>> Device manager. Now under the driver manager search for “Sound, video and game controllers,” and click right to open. Open the “Properties” tab and check if the driver is installed properly. Also keep an eye out on Sound card, if it’s working properly or not.

Step 3:

Make sure that the jack of headphone is functioning correctly. If the sound is not coming from speakers, try to plug in the headphone and check if the sound is playing with it. If headphones are doing the trick, replace your speaker of a laptop or attach an external speaker.

The issue with the jack of laptop can also cause the audio settings. Repairing the jack can make the speakers producing sound.

Step 4:

Updating your sound drivers can do the troubleshooting. Even if the device is producing any error message, the issue can be there. The driver can be the cause behind the sound-issues in your HP Pavilion laptop. If you want to install the drivers, go to the official website and search for the new driver set. Download and install a new set of drivers and restart your device afterward.

These are the effective steps which can fix the sound –related issues in HP laptop. But if they fail to help, get a customized solution by reaching HP laptop support platform.If you are not able to resolve the issue using the above-given issue, dial HP Laptop Support Number.

The support service is accessible 24X7 to help the users who are facing any issue while using the HP laptop device, HP Customer Service Number 1-800-329-1530 can be called. Technicians will understand the root of the error and offer you the befitting solution to the problem you are facing.

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microsoft office

What Are The Challenges With Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 includes a set of software tools and services and they are used for official documentation, communication and management purposes. The services involved are based on the package you have, however, the key elements are as follows:

  • Hosted email (including calendar)
  • Full Office licensing for up to 5 workstations per person
  • Full Office experience on up to 5 mobile devices per person
  • Online, web-based versions of Office
  • One Drive file storage and sharing with lots of space
  • SharePoint collaboration site
  • Lync instant & video messaging
  • Yammer corporate social network

There can be times when certain issues start occurring with MS Office 365 services but you can take the required help from Microsoft Office 365 Support team.

Given below are the main issues you might face with Microsoft Office 365:

  1. Microsoft has been pushing all the elements as ‘cloud’ part but only four of the above elements are based in the cloud: Hosted Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Lync. Also, these services will not provide you freedom from all hardware that a real full-cloud will definitely do. You can also check the Microsoft Azure’s enterprise-level cloud computing solution.
  2. If something goes wrong with any of the services, you might not be able to get the problem resolved for some time. The support team might not provide you with immediate response for the issues you are facing such as licensing issue.
  3. Microsoft’s main motive is to sell products. The training is not given on their products by them but they work through the third party providers. So, it is not difficult for you to get guidance for your staff but you have to invest additional funds to pay to an outside provider. If you have any doubts regarding MS Office 365, you can dial the Microsoft Support Number.
  4. You have two different components to store your files: OneDrive and SharePoint. But there is a lot of confusion in their functioning as both works differently when used. None of the components is sufficient to provide complete satisfaction to their users which make the file sharing strategy very confusing.
  5. The next issue is the search capability in Office 365 is directly related to the subscription level. To get the advanced query functionality, you have to sign up to the higher-level packages. Some of the users might get disturbed by this issue if they subscribe to a lower-level package.

It is not that MS Office 365 is completely unsuitable for all the users. This application can be appropriate for some, however, if you are using it for your organization; you need to consider the above points to make sure it is a good option for your organization.

For other issues with Microsoft Office 365, you can have the support from the technical experts available at our side. Calling at Microsoft Toll-Free Number will let you talk to the technicians about the issue you are having with MS Office 365.

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How to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 19?

Yahoo is used on a large scale due to its high-class performance. But there are few common errors which hamper the functioning of Yahoo mail, and one of those common issues is Yahoo temporary error 19. However, these issues can be resolved if diagnosed on right time. This blog contains a detailed overview of Yahoo temporary error 19 along with the best possible solution.

The temporary errors on Yahoo are usually made up by compiling few letters and alphabets. Such errors keep the users from accessing their Yahoo mail account and stop the functioning of account for a time. The Temporary error 19 signifies that your Yahoo account has been blocked due an unknown reason. In most of the cases, the issues get resolved on its own, but sometimes applying manual troubleshooting method becomes necessary. For the real-time from experts, Yahoo Support Phone Number can be dialed.

Here are the steps to fix the Temporary error 19:

There are numerous causes which lead you to the Temporary error 19 on your Yahoo email account. Some of the common reasons are as follow:

  • You have blocked cookies on your web browser
  • You are sharing internet connection with others
  • You are sending or receiving emails in bulk
  • Using third-party software and Yahoo mail app concurrently.
  • Your device contains malware or virus which is interfering while communicating with Yahoo.
  • You are aggressively active through your desktop, mobile or particular IP address.

Once you are done finding the reason behind the Temporary Error 19 on your respective Yahoo mail account, try to perform the suitable troubleshooting steps:

  • Enable cookies on your browser. This will let you access your Yahoo email account in a smooth manner
  • If you are sharing your network with other devices, make sure you fix all the network connectivity error. You can reset the modem or router settings in order to resolve the issue you are facing. If you are not able to resolve the issue this way try the next solution.
  • Make sure that the wireless network you are using is password-protected and make sure you are the only one using this network. Changing the password can also help
  • Clear virus or malware on your device can do the trick in many cases.
  • If nothing helps, you can wait for a few hours before performing any other recovery method.

This is how you can easily get rid of the issues like Yahoo temporary error 19. But if you are still not able to fix the issue, calling Yahoo Technical Support Number is another best way. This is the most straightforward approach towards all Yahoo related technical glitches. Yahoo Customer Service Number is the perfect for every technical halt you come across while using your Yahoo email account. You will be provided with the best possible solution and optimizing tips and tricks to the issues.

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How to share anything on Facebook

How to Share Anything on Facebook?

Facebook is such a platform where you can share pictures, videos, status updates etc. on your timeline as well as on your friend’s timeline, a page or the messenger app. There are different ways to share something on your Facebook timeline and you can use any of the methods as per your requirement. Facebook Technical Support is also there for the times if you face any difficulty with your Facebook account.

To share a post on Facebook through Desktop, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open a web browser on your system and then go to Facebook’s website. Log in to your Facebook account by using your email address and password.
  2. This will show you the news feed of Facebook where you can read and decide which you want to share. However, you can’t share a post which has privacy settings set to ‘Friends’ or ‘Friends of Friends’. If there is a share option given below the post only then you can share the post.
  3. Clicking on the ‘Share’ option below the post will show you a drop-down menu.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select any one of the given options:
  • Share now (Friends) – This will share the post to your timeline.
  • Share- This will open the post in a ‘New Post’ window in which you can add text.
  • Share as Message- This will open the messenger window where you can mention a friend with whom you want to share the post.
  • Share on a friend’s timeline- This will open a ‘New Post’ window where you can specify a friend’s timeline.
  • Share to a page- This will open a new post where you can share the post as one of the pages you handle.
  1. While sharing the post you can also add text to the post if necessary.
  2. Now click ‘Post’ to post it and click ‘Send’ to send it through messenger. If you encounter any difficulty during the same you can call at the Facebook Phone Number.

To share a post on Facebook through mobile, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and then log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go through the news feed and find the post you want to share.
  3. Check if you can share this post as per its privacy settings.
  4. If yes, then press ‘Share’ option given underneath the post.
  5. This will open a menu where you can add any text for the post to be shared by you.
  6. After this, you can choose any one of the given sharing options. You can share directly to your timeline, send in messenger, share to a page, etc.
  7. Then click on the ‘post’ option if you want to share it or ‘send’ option if you are sending it through messenger.

In this way, you can share anything on Facebook and there are some posts which you will not be able to share because of their privacy settings. If you have any other problem in sharing the posts on Facebook you can call us at the Facebook Customer Care Number.