AOL Phone Number

AOL Customer Service : Latest Updates and Tactics of AOL Email

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AOL stands for America Online which is headquartered in New York. AOL works under the eminent banner of Oath which is a division of Verizon communication. AOL is the most influential email service provider of the time which has grabbed a database of around 20 million worldwide users. Another major factor of AOL is its instant messenger and the buddy list feature which has made connecting people much easier. With every passing day, AOL is developing and improving its products and services which made it most desirable email client of the time. America online is giving a tough competition to other industry giants.

This booming brand is giving new heights to the communication standards by introducing new exclusive features with every passing day. Though AOL has seen several ups and downs, always managed to survive and conquer.

There is a number of factors which make AOL standout among the crowd. There is a lot you can explore with AOL, it’s a vast platform with a lot of hidden gems. This email platform is growing like a toddler, so facing technical hiccups is common.

AOL Phone Number

Users often come across technical flaws but the best thing is they are never alone in the moment of trouble as AOL Support Phone Number is available to help the bothered users without any foundation of time or distance. AOL support is one of the best places to get a befitting solution for unexpected technical halts.

The Major Highlights of AOL Email Services:

AOL email platform is loaded with a great number of alluring features, but some of them are surprisingly unique. Let’s see what are the main AOL benefits which make is preferable above others. For detailed guide contact AOL 800 Number and speak to clients.

    • Comprehensive search filters: With AOL filters one can easily find an email, contact or event without any struggle. All you need is to set up filters with a specific keyword for incoming email or messages. The filters are very beneficial to keep your inbox free of spam/trash. To learn how to set up and use AOL filters, contact AOL Customer Service Number.
    • Unlimited Free storage: Unlike other email service providers, AOL offers storage capacity without any limit. One can store as many as data they want online with AOL email services.
    • Background themes: You have complete leverage of personalizing the display theme of your AOL email interface. You get numerous colors, background themes, patterns to change the outlook of AOL email services.
    • Check the status of the message: With AOL email you can freely check the status of the message you send or receive. So, now you can be sure whether the message has been sent or not.
    • Ease in creating filters: You can create as many as folders you want using AOL email client. You can create and delete an unlimited number of folders and categorize your emails for easy access.
    • Resize panel: Resizing the panel of your inbox is a game of one mouse-click. Move the pointer to set the size of the panel.
    • Disable the reading pane:  To customize the reading pane, you need to go to settings and then go to customization, from where you can disable the reading pane from the screen.
    • Compose emoji: User gets a long range of pictorial characters also known as emoji’s which help you express your emotions while having a conversation on AOL messenger.
    • AOL shield: With AOL application you get features to protect your account and information you share while shopping, banking or another web portal. To optimize the security of your AOL email clients with the help of experts dial AOL Toll-Free Number.
  • Mouse and keyboard shortcuts: You can freely set shortcuts to access your AOL email and its features. With shortcuts organizing your email is much easier and straightforward. This feature is mainly designed to save your time.

Technical Issues with AOL Email:

There are various issues which affect the functionality of your AOL email client. Every issue differs in nature and hence requires special recovery method for each.

AOL Email is Working Slowly:

When you try to access your email client, but it’s working slower than usual, you need to perform some of the basic troubleshooting tricks, such as:

    • Restart your device, this will shut the instances of unnecessary programs and boost the speed of AOL email platform.
    • Switch to another browser, because sometimes a slow browser can affect the performance of AOL email client.
    • Clear the cache, cookies, and footprints, in order to tune up your browser.
  • If your antivirus or firewall protection is interfering in the functioning of AOL email, temporarily disable and try using AOL email again.

Unable to Send or Receive Email:

If sending or receiving email while using the AOL platform has become a hassle, you can try the below-given steps to fix it:

    • Check the connection of your wired or wireless network. Your internet should have an adequate speed to open AOL email on your device.
    • Logout from your AOL email, restart your device and try login again.
    • Switch your browser or try to update the version of your browser.
    • Make sure that there is no AOL combination is taking place in the display name of your email client.
  • Remove the junk from your browser by clearing cache, cookies, and history.

Recover AOL Account:

If your AOL account is no longer accessible or you find it hacked, recover your account immediately by resetting the password. Follow the steps to recover the password for your AOL email account:

    • Go to the official AOL website.
    • Open the AOL login page.
    • Select the “Forgot password” option on the login screen.
    • Provide your login credentials such as AOL email username or ID.
  • Enter the billing information, if asked.
    • Type the last four digit of the credit card.
    • Now, select the recovery option from email or text.
    • Provide the verification code you receive.
    • Create and confirm the new password.
  • Login with the new password as your account is recovered.

Image Attachment Issues:

If you are trying to attach a media file such as images, videos, audios etc. while sending an email using AOL email platform. To resolve this, you can try the below-given recovery steps:

    • Make sure you have the setting with Rich Text/HTML enabled.
    • Check if you have any filter enabled on your email account.
  • If you can’t open the image online, try downloading the file.

If you are facing any other issue than the mentioned above, or looking for any help while using your AOL email client, calling AOL Technical Support can help you get rid of issues you are facing in one go.

How to Reach AOL Customer Support?

AOL Customer Support Phone Number is the best way to reach the team of the independent support service provider and let them resolve the problems you are encountering by implementing their skills, knowledge, and tactics. AOL Customer Support is always there to help you fix the uninvited issues.

Dial the AOL 800 numbers for availing the most suitable solution for your problems. The most common concerns which customers often ask regarding their AOL email clients are:

    • How to set up AOL email account in an effective manner.
    • How can I compose an email on AOL
    • How creating folders is helpful in AOL?
    • What if I lose my AOL password
    • How can I set up an email signature?
    • Why I can’t send large media files.
  • Is changing and resetting password is same?

You may have another query which is not allowing you to have the best experience with your AOL email account, but with AOL Customer Care you can get the most satisfying solution for each minor as well as major concern. The independent support services are readily available to serve the best to the AOL clients worldwide.

AOL Support:

The official support website of AOL is one of the best things one can see over the web. It has the very organized support platform which includes every important aspect required by users. Here is all that you can find on the website of AOL email support:

Email us: This link redirects you to the email support platform offered by AOL to its client. But you must have the upgraded version of AOL email client installed. The customer service executives are available 24×7 to help the troubled users.

24X7 Live Support:

AOL offers online chat facility to the premium users. This service allows you to chat with the AOL representatives, but for that, you must an upgraded account. This isn’t accessible to the free AOL users.

AOL Social Support:

You can reach the AOL social support page via Facebook or Twitter.

These social media platforms let you have a conversation with the members of the AOL platform and the consultant who is online to help the community of AOL users.

AOL Contact Numbers:

For Instant Support: 1 (800) 329-1530

About AOL Gold and Our Support

AOL Gold Support is the optimized version of regular AOL desktop version. But it is a paid version which comes with $3.99 a month. At this prices, AOL gold is a grabbing-deal which has a number of benefits over regular version of AOL.

What all features are included in the AOL Gold Desktop?

Better Security:

AOL offers an extra layer of protection in its Gold desktop version. To ensure the best security of account, it includes measures like two-step verification and an extra form of verification other than your password. AOL makes the information stored unreadable to every other user than the actual owner of the account.

Simple and Easy-to-Use:

To give the desired look to your account, AOL Gold is loaded with a number of themes. Also, the brand has tried to keep the information such as username, password, toolbar, icons, and contacts in a neat interface so that everything can be managed seamlessly. Also, the self-update feature has resolved many bug related issues to a great extent.

Live Support for Gold Users:

AOL desktop gold users are privileged to have the live support feature which means the experts are available 24X7 to help the troubled users via phone or chat. From installation to customization, every aspect is supported by experts exclusively for AOL gold desktop users.

Improved Encryption:

The information you store in your AOL email client is completely secure as there is no fear of losing data with the AOL Gold Desktop Support.

AOL Gold desktop includes more complex structure than that of regular AOL version. Therefore, it is more prone to technical issues.

If you are facing any issue with your AOL Gold desktop product, you can freely call AOL Gold support for all sort of help. If you are new to AOL Gold, the technicians will guide you through the features and functionality of AOL Gold so that you can get best out it. Our AOL Gold Support services help you in different ways, such as troubleshooting technical issues or optimizing the performance of your AOL Gold desktop version.  

We help you in below-given cases:

    • Update Desktop Gold.
    • Unable to send, receive or find the email.
    • The Gold desktop is working slower than usual.
    • AOL Gold desktop is not connecting to the network.
    • Unable to install or configure AOL gold.
  • Resolve other technical issues occur on your AOL gold desktop product.

Unable to sign-in to AOL mail? Fix it with AOL support services:

If you are repeatedly facing issues while signing in to AOL email, it can occur due to a broad range of grounds and every cause need special troubleshooting. The below given general troubleshooting methods can help you recover your AOL email account from sign-in issues:

  • Try to login again:  Sometimes repetitive instances of AOL email can create login issues, you can simply log out and log in as this works in many of the cases. Logout and then clear all cache, cookies, and history of your browser and sign-in again. This is a very simple yet effective way to get rid of technical issues.
  • Restart your device:  This will help you fix the issue to a great extent. This is very basic of troubleshooting the minor technical halts. This will clear the trash from the internal memory of your device and optimize the functioning. So, leave your device shut for a while and start it again to begin the new AOL email login session.
  • Reset web settings:  If you have installed multiple browsers on your desktop, the web settings may change on its own. In such cases, resetting the general web settings can help you to resolve the sign-in issues with your AOL email.
  • Fix password issues:  If you are facing login issues due to incorrect password, and receiving messages such as “Invalid Password, Please try again”. To resolve the password issues, simply reset your AOL email password using the password account recovery options. To recover the hacked AOL email password call AOL phone number and let the technicians securely retrieve your account.
  • Try to switch the browser:  If you are using an outdated version of the browser, update the browser to the latest version. In case, the issue persists, you can try to use different browsers. Also, you can download any new browser of your choice.
  • Allow Java Applet Script:  Make sure you have permitted Java scripting and cookies on your browser. If the JavaScript is disabled, you may face problem while using AOL email. To get the in-depth knowledge for the process, call upon AOL Tech Support Phone Number.
  • Disallow the Firewall Protection settings:  The blank screen while accessing the AOL email can be due to the enabled Firewall settings on your device. To fix this issue, you need to disable the Firewall protection and pop-up settings, as this may blocking the instances of AOL email. Make sure AOL services are not blacklisted on your device’s protection settings.

If the methods given above aren’t helping you out, try calling the AOL Customer Care Number for a best and immediate solution to the problem.

Third party AOL support services:

AOL is the pioneer among all the email clients available. We have already discussed the tremendous range of features it includes. Apart from the variety of features, it offers the best security and privacy services as well. For some of the users, AOL has become the irreplaceable part of communication. But technical issues can occur with the best, so AOL also comes across few issues while the course of use. AOL mainly has two versions AOL desktop and AOL Gold Desktop. The official AOL support services are available for Gold desktop users only. But with our independent AOL Desktop Support services, every product, be it Desktop or Gold Desktop, is supported in the same effective manner. The third-party AOL Help Number is accessible to every AOL users across the globe. The toll-free numbers can be reached anytime from day to night. The team of techies works inconsistent manner to help the troubled AOL email users.


Some of The Common AOL Issues Resolved by Our Support Services:

    • AOL email login issues.
    • Problem while recovering the lost AOL email password.
    • Hacked or compromised AOL email account.
    • The issue with Network connectivity.
    • The freezing of AOL email services.
    • Enabling two-step verification on AOL email client.
    • The problem in accessing the AOL email on iPhone.
    • The issue with the POP3 and SMTP settings.
    • Issue while sending or downloading email attachments.
    • Inability to change AOL password
  • Issue while using the AOL mobile application.
AOL Phone Number

Nevertheless, not every user faces the same issues and hence customized support services are necessary to deal with different errors. Our AOL Desktop Support Number services offer a special assistance to every client. There is a team of AOL experts working in a dedicate manner to resolve all general or critical issues users come across. Not only this, our technicians will help you improvise your user-experience by providing you a few useful tips and tricks.

No matter, how complex the issue you are facing, we offer the best and most straightforward solution in the quickest possible manner. Also, our solution is free of hidden charges and hence affordable by every AOL user out there. You can freely call upon the toll-free numbers on odd-hours or national holidays.

Few Tips to Improve Your AOL Experience:

    • Remove the trash, junk or temporary files regularly.
    • Keeps your folders free from junks, by using the file cleaner.
    • Do not leave your account logged in on public devices.
  • Keep changing your AOL password time to time.

Disclaimer:800 customer service numbers are the independent technical support service provider. The images, logos, links, brand names and other media used is completely for the reference purpose.  There is a team of technicians working to help the troubled users and no association with the companies is described in anyway.

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