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Emails are the most effective way to convey your message and hence having an email account with a trusted service provider is necessary. There is rat-race going between email service providers, but the AT&T is the name which is leading. It offers the most compelling features along with a self-explanatory interface and thus it is used by a large part of the worldwide population. The main attraction of AT&T is the security it offers to its users, which many high-end brands lack in providing. The next thing which makes AT&T standout is; AT&T Email Support. The support services for AT&T are available anytime around the clock to help the troubled users.

Some of the Common Issues which are Resolved by the Team of AT&T Customer Support are as Follow:

  • Unable to send or receive emails using AT&T webmail
  • Issue while logging in to your AT&T account.
  • Problem while configuring an email account
  • The issue in creating an alternative email account
  • Error codes using AT&T email account
  • Unable to update the security settings of your account
  • Issue while updating security question on your AT&T email account
  • Inability to share a calendar on AT&T email
  • Issue while resetting the AT&T password
  • Problem while sending, receiving or downloading the attachment on AT&T email
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Blocked AT&T email account
  • Particular error codes
  • Unable to configure the account on a mobile device

Some of the common AT&T issues are resolved here:

AT&T Email Password Recovery

It’s essential to have the knowledge of recovering your AT&T email password as the need to password recovery can generate anytime. Some of the common reasons why you need the AT&T password recovery are given below. But if you are looking for live support reach AT&T Customer Service.

  • Assure the security of your account from any unauthorized access
  • It prevents the data loss
  • Help you create a new password after forgetting the previous one.

Here are the steps how you can reset your AT&T email password:

  • Firstly, make sure that you are using the right credentials namely user id and password. Check if you have the caps –lock and you are using the right set of characters.
  • Go to the AT&T password recovery page
  • Select the reason for resetting your password
  • Enter the “Captcha” you can see on the screen
  • Provide the recovery email or phone number
  • Now, type the verification code you receive on your provided email id or mobile number
  • Once verified, create a new password and re-enter to confirm it.

It’s that simple to reset your AT&T email account password, but if you are facing any issue while resetting your AT&T email password, make a call upon AT&T Support Number for taking help from experts. AT&T Help Number is accessible all across the clock to help the users in resetting, recovering or changing their AT&T email account password.

General Issues – AT&T Email and Their Solutions:

AT&T Network Issues:

The network is a major cause for the functioning of the AT&T email account and the slow or interrupted network connection can be the cause of hampered work-routine. The network errors can be the cause of various other technical dilemmas. Fix the settings of your router by contacting your Internet service provider. Also, restoring the network settings on your device can help the users to fix the network issues. For any help from experts, make a call upon AT&T Technical Support Number.

Password Issues with AT&T Email Account:

To resolve the password issues try the below-given solution:

  • Go to your browser and open
  • Click Password and then I forgot
  • Enter your user ID in the field provided, last name and then “Captcha”
  • Click Continue and then go to the next step.
  • Choose “Temporary password” from the list of options
  • Provide the recovery phone number you receive
  • Complete the verification code and set a new password
  • Type the new password

AT&T Tech Support Phone Number is accessible to help the users who are looking guidance to reset or recover AT&T password

Browser Issues with AT&T:

AT&T products and services are mainly based upon the browser and hence having the error-free browser is required. If you are having any technical glitch with your browser, stop using it and switch to different browser. Few tips to resolve the glitches you face while using your web browser:

  • Remove the add-ons which are not in use as they can impact the speed of the browser
  • Open the Task Manager and close all the programs running in the background because using multiple programs at a time can create make the browser sluggish.
  • Delete all cookies, cache, and trash from your browser
  • Run the antivirus program once, this will clear the malware or virus affecting the speed of your browser.

AT&T Configuration Errors:

If you are not able to adjust the configuration settings using AT&T has become a troublesome task due to improper configuration. You need to configure the POP or SMTP server settings. To do this, go to official AT&T help webpage and look for the required server settings. AT&T Customer Support is accessible to resolve the configuration issues in time.

Services offered by AT&T customer care team:

AT&T Customer Care Number is accessible to all users who are regularly using the AT&T email services. Here are the services offered by the support team:

  • Resolution to account sign-in issues
  • Support to reset forgotten or lost email password
  • Fix the AT&T server issues
  • Resolve the email login issues
  • Help you create and setup AT&T email account
  • Troubleshoot the file attachment issues.

The support team works inconsistent manner to sort the errors affecting the performance of AT&T email account. The services are accessible through toll-free numbers, email and online chat

Features of AT&T webmail client:

AT&T is popular across the globe due to its high-class features an impressive interface. Some of the major highlights of the AT&T email platform are:

  • Two-step verification and other encryption methods
  • Interactive filters to check spam
  • Easy to create email folders
  • Up to 25 MB attachment can be sent
  • A comprehensive search bar
  • Allows the mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • Specially designed features for users with special abilities
  • Works intuitively in mobile devices
  • Allows you to create a secondary email account
  • Enables you to sync any other email account

Also, AT&T Customer Support Number is there to help the troubled AT&T users. It is the best platform to get instant support just by calling upon AT&T Toll Free Number.


SBCglobal is mainly a product of AT&T and it serves as an email platform to the worldwide users. It is preferred by a large population due to its collaboration with the AT&T email platform. The next amazing thing about SBCglobal is that it includes the features from Yahoo webmail. Around a million users are active on AT&T as well as SBCglobal. In order to start with SBCGlobal mail, you need to login on SBCGlobal net. Only after doing this you will be able to access the complete range of features of SBCGlobal email. Thus who are using AT&T, must try SBCGlobal once.

How To Configure Your Gmail Account In Order To Easily Pull Emails From SBCGlobal Email?

SBCGlobal is mainly used for professional purposes and sometimes for a short span of time for an example just for an office project.  In addition, on many occasions, users think if switching to other clients such as Gmail as it is the number first email service platform. So, follow the given steps and move your SBCGlobal mail account to Gmail. SBCGlobal Support Number is available to help the users in syncing both the accounts.


  • Go to and log in using your correct credentials.
  • Click on the Settings icon and choose Accounts from the list.
  • Now under Accounts, select “Add a POP3 mail account your own”
  • On the prompted screen, you need to enter the email address of your SBSGlobal account and then hit Next
  • Again enter the SBCGlobal username in the field.
  • Now, provide the password for the respective username.
  • Select “” in the “POP Server Field”
  • Select security option saying “always use a secure connection (SSL)”
  • Now select the option “Add account”
  • On the prompted screen, select “No” and then Click “Finish”

Sbcglobal Technical Support can be reached if you come across any glitch while performing the steps given above. SBCGlobal Customer Support team works day to night to help the users.

How To Set Up SBCGlobal Mail On MS Outlook?

To set up your SBCGlobal email account with MS Outlook, perform the below-given steps or make a call upon SBCGlobal Toll-Free Number.

  • Go To MS Outlook and then click on File ran and then select “add account”  followed by “Add account setup”
  • Now select “additional server types” or “manual setup” and hit Next
  • Choose IMAP or POP on the page namely “Choose Service” and hit Next
  • Provide the email address and Name of SBCGlobal in the given fields.
  • Select “POP3” in the “Account Type” menu
  • In the incoming mail server field, enter “”
  • On the Outgoing mail server option, select “”
  • Now provide the SBCGlobal email address in the username and then the respective password
  • Next, select upon “More settings” followed by Outgoing server.
  • Check the option namely ‘my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’.
  • Select the “Advanced” and then ‘this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)’.
  • Enter the port number in the filed named as ‘incoming server field’, i.e., ‘995’.
  • In the “Outgoing server field” type “465
  • Open the drop-down menu and select  In ‘use the following type of encrypted connection’ in which you will have to select ‘SSL’ drop-down menu, choose “SSL”
  • Hit OK>>Next>>Finish>>Close

For any help regarding the setup, get in touch with SBCGlobal Customer Care

Method Set Up Email

If you are new to, and looking for the way to set up the email account, either make connect with SBCGlobal Help Number or try the below-given steps:

  • Open MS Outlook and then “File” tab followed by “Add account option”
  • Next, choose “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types,” and “Next.”
  • Choose “POP or IMAP” on the Choose Service page, and then “Next.”
  • Type the username, email address in the fields given and then select “POP3” in the menu of Account type
  • Enter “” and “” in Incoming Mail Server field and Outgoing Mail Server field respectively.
  • Re-type the email address in the field of username and the password
  • Open the More Settings menu and then Outgoing Server followed by “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication.”
  • Go to Advanced Tab and select “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL),” and enter “995” in the “Incoming Server (POP3)”
  • In the “Outgoing server (SMTP)” field enter “465” then choose “SSL” in the “Use the Following Type of Encrypted Connection” menu.
  • Click OK>Next>>Finish>>close to exit the wizard.

Make a call upon SBCGlobal Help Number and get the help from experts while setting up your AT&T or SBCGlobal mail account. SBCGlobal Phone Number is accessible all around the clock to help the users who are not able to set up or configure their email account on the respective device.

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