How to Bypass the Phone Verification of Twitter for New Account?

Whenever you are going to create a new social account, you will be required to go through the phone verification process. There is no feasible option to skip that process. This is also the same when you want to create a Twitter account and if you will not complete the phone verification process for it. This is because one phone number can be used only once and you cannot use the same number for creating another Twitter account. If you want to know how to skip the verification process, you can dial the Twitter Support Phone Number.

When you will try to use the same phone number to create another Twitter account, you will encounter an error message saying ‘Your phone number failed, try a different number’. To fix this problem, you can try using a Google voice number by following the steps given below:

  1. First, log in to your Gmail account using which you have created the Twitter account. After this, go to the Google voice page and create an account for yourself.
  2. Next, click on the option ‘I want a new number’.
  3. After this, select the number on which you want to receive a call from Google Voice.
  4. You will receive a call from Google Voice to confirm. After you have confirmed it, Google Voice will ask you to choose a local number.
  5. Note that local number and go back to Twitter and enter it.
  6. After this, go back to your Gmail account and enter the verification code sent to you by your new Google Voice number.
  7. Enter the code into Twitter and after entering you will receive a confirmation. This will complete the setup process of your Twitter account. For any doubts or queries, you can give a call at the Twitter Help Number.

This process can be repeated for as many Twitter accounts as you want. You can also try clearing the caches or cookies as well as rebooting the cable/DSL modems in order to get a new IP address. You can also try using a phone verification service to get a temporary number.

In case nothing works in your favor, you can simply dial the Twitter Customer Service Number where our experienced tech professionals will get in touch with you. They all are well-qualified and trained enough to offer technical support for Twitter and its services. We assure you genuine support from our side and you will not feel any need to search for further technical support. The tech support facility can be easily availed by calling at the toll-free support number and you will be provided with immediate technical assistance.

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