How to Unfriend or UnFollow People on Facebook?

When you decide to audit your friend list, you need to remove a few friends who you find out worth keeping the contact anymore. Other reason for unfriending someone can be their constant rant about politics or a particular topic and now you want to end the regular torture you have on opening your timeline. Unfriending such annoying people is the perfect option.

If you want to know how you can “Unfriend” or “Unfollow” someone, keep reading this post till the end. If you are afraid of the backlash which unfriending someone can cause, it is advisable to unfollow the person and stop seeing what they post.

Let’s discuss how to “unfollow” someone on Facebook:

In the case when you don’t want to block the person or remove them from your friend list, you can simply unfollow them. In this way, you will remain FB friends, access profiles of each other, chat and post, but you won’t get an update regarding their posts.

Unfollowing someone on Facebook is very simple. Just go to their profile, click on the Following button from the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, click on “Unfollow”.  If you ever want to change the decision, it is advisable to click the same button and start following them again.

How to “Unfriend” someone on Facebook?

By unfriending someone, you remove them from your friend list. Try the steps given below to remove them

Through the web:

  • Open your favorite browser and open Facebook.com
  • Now, tap on your name in order to open your profile
  • Click on “Friends
  • You will get the list of your friends on the screen, which will include the friends you want to remove from your friend list.
  • In order to unfriend a person, click on “friends” and then click on “Unfriend

Using the Facebook app:

  • On the Facebook apps, unfriending someone is quite easier.
  • Click on the icon of three lines beneath the screen.
  • Choose “Friends
  • Now click on “friends” and then select the “Unfriend” option.

If you are not able to perform the steps given above or looking for any sort of help, make a contact with the Facebook Customer Service team. The team of customer support executives is reachable all across the clock to help troubled users. Dial toll-free Facebook help number and let the experts guide you with the best solution. Facebook Support Number is the ultimate place your technical hitches resolved in no time. All general queries and issues are handled with great care. Dial toll-free Facebook Help Number and get instant solution to the troubles you are facing. View More: https://www.800customerservicenumber.com/how-to-share-anything-on-facebook/

10 Common Facebook Problems and Errors! How to Fix Them?

Billions of people use Facebook for their personal as well as professional use. Facebook offers the various types of features to its users. You can easily connect with your friends, family, and colleagues on Facebook. Also, it is one of the biggest promoting platforms where users can promote their business easily. Along with these features, some of the technical dilemmas may occur while using Facebook, which may hamper your privacy. So here are the list of top 10 common Facebook problems and their solutions. You can also get help by call Facebook Support Number.

  1. Stop Excessive Posters

There are so many peoples in your Facebook friend-list, who post rubbish stuff on their walls and your newsfeed is full of their unwanted posts, which makes you sick. Unfriending them can hurt their feeling. So, the solution for this is to unfollow them, after unfollowing them you won’t be able to see their updates.

2. Keep Important Friends First

Making a number of friends on Facebook is quite in trends, but as your friend list grows, there might be the chances of missing updates or post from your close ones. Consequently, Facebook comes with the best solution for those users, who wants to see updates from their dear ones.

Go to the friend profile page whose posts you don’t want to miss. Tap the Following button again, select See First. After applying this, Facebook will always show their posts on the top of your newsfeeds.  

3.  Turn off Targeted Ads

Facebook makes massive money from advertising. It tracks you everywhere you go and serve you with most relevant ads from your browsing interest.

You can easily turn off these ads and modify them with your age group and gender. To do so,

  • Go to settings
  • Select ads
  • Open Ad setting category
  • Set first two options to NO and third one as NO ONE

This will indicate Facebook and it will stop using browsing history to show you ads.

4. Stop Sharing Posts With Everyone

If you don’t want to share your post and updates with everyone, you can easily hide your post from particular peoples. To do so,

  • Go to Facebook Wall
  • Click the audience selector button on the post
  • Select friend except and search friend from the list, you don’t share your post with
  • Click the remove button and then save the change.

5. Disable Photo Tag Suggestions for Friends

Photo tagging is the funniest feature offer by Facebook, you can tag your friends on funny photo and memes. However, not everyone finds it cool, because it will hamper their privacy. You can’t stop someone to tagging you but can disable tagging suggestion. For that,

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Timeline and Tagging
  • Go to “Who sees tag suggestion when photos that look like you are uploaded?
  • Choose No one option

After applying this, your friends can enter your name to tag in the picture, but Facebook won’t consider it.

6. Block Annoying Auto-Playing Videos

To turn-off video autoplay

  • Tap on the setting
  • Go to video’s
  • And set Auto-Play video option to off.

7. Block Annoying App Invites

Facebook is featured with thousands of games, some of the design and developed to waste your time. If you get sick of unwanted games application requests, you can block Facebook invites and requests.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Blocking option
  • Find the Block app invites box and enter the name of a friend who tortures you by sending games requests.
  • It will block your friend and won’t be able to send a request in future

8. Change the Interface to Your Liking

Some of Facebook features are still the same, from the beginning as it is unchangeable by default. Moreover, you can customize your Facebook by installing a Facebook browser extension. The Social Fixer is preferred by most of the users and available easily for every Internet browser.

9. Forgot Facebook Password

By far forgetting password or information is reported as most common error user’s face while using Facebook. You can contact Facebook Customer Service to recover your lost password by dialing
Facebook Support Number.

10. Can’t Connect to Facebook

Facebook is one of the top most social media platforms in the world. Over 2 billion people use it at the same time. It’s obvious to have some technical glitches related to the server, hence it is quite rare to have such issues. If you face “Can’t connect to Facebook” issue, you can take help from Facebook Customer Care. These are the most common errors and their solution users may encounter while using Facebook. Users can call the Facebook Customer Support Number For other technical queries