How to Insert a Written Signature into a Word Document

Usually we insert handwritten signatures or other elements into our digital document, especially while designing a business document. Also, it makes the documents even more presentable. The simple ways to add written signature into the Word can do the trick. It is very easy process if performed properly. This will save you from lengthy process of printing, signing, scanning and uploading documents.

Follow the steps to complete the process:

First you need to write with pen on a blank paper. Make sure you firmly write every word using a ballpoint pen. If you have a tablet, you can open the paint or drawing application of the tool and write your signature using your fingers or stylus pen. Now save the signature on the home screen in gif, bmp or png format.

Scan the signature:

Use a scanner to scan your signatures and save the scanned copy as jpg, png file on your desktop. This signature now can be used for any document.

Crop the signature:

Go to any image editing software on your device. If you don’t have any you can simply install Adobe Photoshop or download the Google Picassa- the free editing tool. Now, look for the image editing tool on your device and crop the signature as precisely as possible.

Insert the signature into Word document:

Now the file in which you like to add the signature and click on cursor on the point where you want to put the signature. Now, open the toolbar at the top of your screen and click “insert”. Click on the drop-down menu and select the picture of the signature from the drop-down menu. Next, select “From file”. From navigate to the home screen of your device where you have saved the signature and click twice on it. The signature will now appear on your Word document.

Resize the signature:

Now, you can resize your signature by clicking and dragging on the corner of the signature. Move the image around the page and drag it where you want it. At last, save your document after finishing it up.

This is very simple to add signature to a Word document and also it saves a quite lot time of the users which traditional method can consume. But sometimes users can’t do it themselves and require the support of experts. In such cases, it is advisable to make call upon Microsoft Customer Care Number.

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