Hotmail Customer Support

Hotmail Customer Service: For One-Call Solution

Hotmail is now acquired by Microsoft and the world’s largest email platform. It has now become even better after collaborating with Microsoft and the user-database increasing to multiple times. It includes the top-notch features and very user-friendly outlook. If you are using Hotmail email services, you must have felt the need for a helping hand who can support in odd times when technical glitches become overpowering. So, Hotmail Support Number can be reached anytime for the technical assistance from professionals.

Here is the list of the list of MSN common issues and their respective solutions offered by Hotmail Help Number:

List of issues and their solution:

    • Configuration issues
    • Software solutions
    • Server issues
  • Storage issues

Solutions which can help users to fix these problems:

    • Check your internet connection as it is the important factor in the proper functioning of the Hotmail email platform.
    • Make sure you check the account settings as poor settings can cause the technical glitches.
    • Clear your inbox. If you have the spam emails stored in your inbox, it creates an environment for issues to prevail, so one must keep the inbox free from all spam and junk.
    • If your email account is poorly configured, it becomes prone to technical flaws. So, before performing any other troubleshooting method, one must tweak the configuration settings.
    • Recover the Hotmail software from any error code or technical hitch.
    • Modify your email profile and make sure it works properly.
  • Clean the stuck message if you have any.

If you are not able to resolve these issues with the given troubleshooting tricks, calling Hotmail Customer Care Number can help you fix errors with the help of technicians.

Official Hotmail Customer Support Services:

There is no particular official Hotmail Toll-Free Number available, which can directly connect you with the professionals of Hotmail. However, one can call Microsoft professionals for help and support. Here is the list of numbers which can connect you with the technicians.

The phone numbers are accessible from 5 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 6 am to 3 pm on weekends.

Hotmail Mailing address:

It is the ideal way to send letters to professionals for raising your concern. You can send email using the below-given address of Microsoft headquarters:

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Third Party Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number:

Every now and then, Hotmail users feel the need for immediate Hotmail Help and Support, but there is no official support mean which is offers one-call assistance to users. So, to resolve the technical halts with Hotmail account and offer a trouble-free Hotmail experience to the user, Hotmail Tech Support can be reached any time which is a third-party support platform designed to offer immediate technical assistance. Hotmail Help Number is a 24X7 accessible platform which is managed by the trained Hotmail techies who have an ample number of years’ experience.

In a nutshell, Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number is the ultimate place to get the instant, fastest as well as a reliable solution to all technical dilemmas.

MSN Customer Support:

MSN Hotmail is now the email product of Microsoft. Apart from the hand of Microsoft on the head of Hotmail, it includes various distinctive features which make it more popular among users. Apart from a fine interface, it includes a line of impressive features such as it includes Https protection which determines the security of users, the ability to view, share and edit documents without actually downloading them, documents collaboration, storage capacity up to 25 GB, the easy management of big files, easy to sort filters, and many more. It is way more convenient than that of other counterpart email services, as it comes with the security of brand-name Microsoft. But technical flaws often create hindrances while using MSN Hotmail services, for which 24X7 active MSN Support Number is available.

To get help from the experts, you can call them anytime anywhere, just via toll-free support numbers. But if you are want to resolve the regular issues manually, try the below-given steps to fix it.

How to Recover MSN Password:

If you forgot your Hotmail password, or your account is compromised, you can try the below-given steps of recovery or call reach the MSN Customer Service for help.

    • Go to the official login page of Hotmail
    • Type your email id to login
    • Click on Forgot My Password link.
    • Now provide the account for which you want to recover the password
    • Choose the recovery method to receive the verification code.
    • Now, you need to provide the code which you receive on the selected recovery option.
  • Once you are done typing the verification code, you will be redirected to password creation page, where you can type the new password and re-enter to confirm it

How to Configure MSN in Outlook:

Hotmail services are easy to use, but it’s quite a lengthy task to add your Hotmail account to Configuring Hotmail and Outlook together can give you several benefits such as archiving messages, top of the line stationary, comprehensive filters and much more. If you are trying to configure MSN Hotmail with Outlook, the below-given steps can be helpful:

    • Go to
    • Access your email account.
    • Click on File>> Info and then Add account.
    • Select the Configure server settings and additional server types.
    • Click Next
    • Select Internet E-mail
    • Now, you need to activate the POP server for Outlook
    • Click on More mail settings
    • Select Connect devices and apps with POP
    • Enable POP and then click Next
  • You are done configuring Hotmail with Outlook.

But if you are looking for any help, try reaching out MSN Help Number. The techies will help you configure the Outlook to Hotmail.

How to synchronize MSN on iPhone?

To sync the Hotmail on Outlook, the below-given steps can be helpful.

    • Open the Settings of your iPhone.
    • Click on Mail, contacts and Calendar tab
    • Open the tab and select “Accounts” option
    • Click on “Add account” and a list of all account names will be displayed on your screen.
    • Choose Outlook from the list.
    • Now, you need to provide the Hotmail id or password.
    • If you want, you can change the domain name.
  • Your Hotmail account is now added to your iPhone mail account which you can check at any time.

Official Contact Means to Reach MSN Customer Care:

MSN Toll-free number: +1-800-329-1530

Independent MSN Toll Free Number  for help and support:

MSN Hotmail is the most stable email service provider due to being a product of Microsoft. It is used on a large scale for both homes as well as professional uses by the customers, therefore instant support is must to have. MSN Customer Service Number helps you find immediate support to the problems you are encountering in no time.

If you are looking, for help and support regarding your MSN product, MSN Phone Number can be reached any time anywhere. The services can be reached anytime around the clock. All you need is to dial toll-free MSN Contact Number and consult your issues.

MSN Tech Support Phone Number is the ultimate destination to fix minor as well as major technical glitches in no time. The MSN Technical Support Number is known to offer the fastest yet effective solution to the problem without costing much.

Apart from this, it offers the fool-proof security to the users while recovering their MSN account from the glitch, so MSN Customer Support Phone Number is the best for all category of users, such as students, professionals, or homemakers.

Disclaimer:800 customer service numbers are the independent technical support service provider. The images, logos, links, brand names and other media used is completely for the reference purpose.  There is a team of technicians working to help the troubled users and no association with the companies is described in anyway.