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How To Recover The Missing AOL Sign In Screen?

AOL is a popular option often used for sending or receiving emails. Loaded with great features and other amazing services, AOL is capable of standing along with other emailing services. But those who are a regular user of AOL might have faced the problem when the sign-in screen or AOL desktop icon has suddenly stopped showing. This can happen because of several reasons and can be easily fixed by taking appropriate help. AOL Customer Service Number +1-800-329-1530 is also there to contact when you are going through such issues with AOL. The technicians will look for the right cause behind the problem and will then recommend a suitable solution.

Following are the possible reasons for facing sign-in screen error with AOL:

  • It can happen due to an authentication error.
  • AOL software has become outdated.
  • While logging in, a blank screen appears.

AOL Technical Support team can help you find the exact reason for facing such issues and will then suggest an appropriate measure.

Given below is a list of potential solutions which might help you to fix the problems with AOL sign-in screen:

  • First, try to change the web settings and clear all the caches and cookies that might be a possible cause for this problem.
  • Then click on the ‘Sign On’ menu located in the menu bar. Clicking on the ‘Sign-in’ screen might help in getting back the AOL login screen.
  • Give your device a fresh start by shutting it down and then turning it on again after some time.
  • The next step you can apply is to uninstall the AOL software and reinstall it again. While doing this, make sure the extensions are off. After re-installing the AOL software, restart your device and then try to log in again. Make sure to install the genuine AOL software from the official website or if you have it in CD, you can install from there as well.
  • Make sure that the virtual memory settings are correctly set otherwise try to correct them.

You can try these steps mentioned above to work-around the AOL missing sign-in screen problem. It is possible that the error is still there and you are not able to access your AOL account. In such situations, you can connect with the AOL technicians by giving a call at the AOL Support Number.

Not only this issue all other doubts regarding AOL will also be cleared out with the help of technicians. All the technicians are sufficiently qualified and have required technical knowledge about handling the issues with the email client.

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