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A Comprehensive Guide on the AOL SMTP Settings

In order to send mail from an email using your AOL email client, it is must to a properly configured SMTP settings. It can be done by accessing the program instruction for enabling the SMTP server, as with this server only an email can be sent.

If the email app or program which you are using is not able to access your AOL Mail SMTP serve, sending emails will be quite complicated. The POP or IMAP settings must be configured properly in order to download and read the emails. But for sending the email SMTP is the most important factor. If you want to more about the SMTP settings, call upon AOL Support Number +1-800-329-1530.

This is how SMTP settings can be configured:

Server Address:

Username: Your AOL Mail screen name (e.g. whatever comes before

Password: Your AOL Mail password

Port Number: 587 (With TLS)

Alternative Port Number: 465 (With SSL)

Authentication: Required

Sending Limits: 500 Emails a day or 100 connections a day.

Outgoing mail configuration:

The SMTP settings for AOL mail remains the same in every case irrespective of the app or program you are using. Configuring your SMTP settings can be done from a tablet, smartphone or laptop. It doesn’t matter which web client from Windows 10, Thunderbird, Outlook etc. you are using to adjust the SMTP server settings. Make sure that the Outlook mail settings have the same details as given below:

  • SMTP server address:
  • SMTP username: Enter your AOL Mail screen name, which comes before “” in your email address. For example, if your address is, the corresponding screen name is “me.”
  • Password: Type your AOL Mail password.
  • Port using SSL/TLS: 587
  • TLS/SSL required: Yes. Make sure SSL encryption is enabled for incoming and outgoing email.

Possibilities of issues:

If you are having an issue while sending email even if you have properly set the SMTP server, it can happen due to providing a wrong password or improperly configured settings.

If required you can reset the password of your email account in no time. Apart from this you can cross check the incoming email settings. It is very necessary to download the email client.

So, it is important to configure all the settings on your email client in proper fashion. If you are having any issue with the process, you can restart the program as well as the entire device.

The direct solution: If you are technically sound or not able to set the SMTP settings, you can take help from the experts by making a call upon AOL Customer Care Number +1-800-329-1530. The support services are accessible all around the clock, to help the troubled users.

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AOL Mail Not Currently Available? The Solution is Here!

AOL email has attracted a huge number of users across the globe. This email service provider has gained immense popularity due to its world-class features, and an easy-to-use platform. It is loaded with numerous excellent features which make it a holy grail for every email user out there.

But due to several technical hurdles, it often becomes inaccessible. Usually, when you see the AOL email service is not currently available, you can simply check the below-given factors. Or for customized solution reach AOL Technical Support Number +1-800-329-1530.

The AOL email client is not a currently available issue is becoming more common with every passing day. The AOL email server downtime can be the major cause of this error. But if the issue has become common, you can simply contact the AOL Customer Care team or try the below-given step:

Check Server Status:

  • Sometimes the issue can be triggered due to the AOL server downtime. So, before you check for perform any troubleshooting method, make sure you check the status of AOL server.
  • In order to keep an eye on server Status You can check the:  Is AOL down today? Webpage
  • If you find that the server is down all you can do is to wait for it to retain its normal status. When the server will retain its original position, the issue will be fixed automatically.
  • But if you think there is nothing wrong with the server, you must try the underneath mentioned troubleshooting methods.

Check the DNS server:

The DNS server issue is other common reasons for the AOL mail currently not available error. The DNS server works with the IP of the device and hence contacting your ISP can resolve the issue. Whenever the issue with your DNS server appears, you can simply check that the address settings are showing the status as follows:

  • (Primary address)
  • (Secondary address)
  • Once you are done changing the DNS server, you must reboot your device and access the AOL website again.

Security Problem-

  • The AOL mail not currently available can be due to the security concerns. On the other hand, using the wrong email password can be the cause behind the issue.
  • So, to fix the issue one must disable the security settings on your device. After this, log in to your AOL email account. Also, disabling the antivirus program as well as firewall settings can help you fix the issue.

The techies will guide you with the most befitting solution. The techies are available all around the clock to help users who are not technically skilled. Also, the team of AOL Help Number +1-800-329-1530 will detect the root cause of the issue and render you an accurate solution.

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